Fully Automatic Horizontal Ring Type Stretch Wrapping Machine

Horizontal ring type wrapping machine is suitable for packaging all kinds of slender objects. It is widely used in plastics, pipes, aluminum coils, steel coils, and plastic pipe industries. The principle is that the packaging material rotates around the rotating goods through the vertical slewing system, and at the same time, the tension of the packaging material is adjusted by the stretching mechanism to pack the object into a tight whole, and form a spiral regular packaging on the surface of the object, which is beautiful and generous. , Dust-proof and moisture-proof. It has the characteristics of stable performance, simple operation and reliable use. It can realize automatic packaging and unmanned operation production, reduce the number of workers and reduce labor intensity. Improve product packaging quality and enhance market competitiveness.


Product Description

Main Characteristics

1.    PLC control can calculate winding time according to product size and stop. , The belt needs to be broken manually, and the swivel needs to be reset manually.

2.    Button-type operation, simple and convenient to use tapered positioning roller device, so that the swivel can pass through the center of the package correctly.

3.    The roller is covered with rubber, the motor drives the roller to run, and the roller drives the goods to automatically complete the overall packaging

4.    A pressing roller device is set between the supporting rollers, which is mainly used for the clamping function of the product. A pressing device is installed at the back of the equipment, which can be controlled manually.


Product Description

Technical Parameter




Packing Speed

20-40 packages/hour

Rotary Speed

80rpm/min Adjustable

Applicable film

Stretch film

Packing Material

Width: 100mm Thickness: 20-30μm

Inner Hole D:76.2mm Outer D: 200mm

Max Coil Weight


Rotating ring inner diameter


Rotating ring outer diameter






Air pressure