Qingdao Ausense Packing Equipment Co.,Ltd 01

24 Feb.2022

Qingdao Ausense has been established in 2008, which focus on the planning,R&D and manufacturing of automatic packaging production line.

With rich experience, we have more than 60 kinds of packaging equipment in 10 series, such as automatic carton forming, packing, sealing, shrinking, vacuum, bundling, stacking, wrapping and conveying. We provide intelligent, flexible and informationalized one-stop automatic packaging solutions by the advantages of automation industry chain, integrates technology research and development, scheme design, product production, and combines with customer field applications.

Ausense's main brand is YUPACK, which is a registered trademark of the State Administration of Industry and Commerce of China.

Enterprises have a number of Chinese patents such as vacuum machine, strapping machine, wrapping machine and so on. All products have passed the CE certification of the European Union; OEM has participated in the drafting of China's mechanical industry standards such as

"Strapping Machine","Sealing Machine"and other packaging machinery standards; Ausense products are widely used in China's well-known enterprises and some of the world's top 500 enterprises.

Our machine also have been exported to Europe, North America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and more than 30 other Countries.

Since 2017, Qingdao Ausense had successfully introduced robots into our end of packaging production line which can effectively integrate intothe application of enterprise MES manufacturing execution system, and provide a complete set of automation industry 3.0 to 4.0 transformation and upgrading services