Suction robot palletizing

23 Apr.2023

Robot palletizer is widely used in the market at present. According to the characteristics of different materials, the grippers equipped with robots will be different. Common ones are suction type, grab type, clamp type and so on. General rule items commonly used suction type, such as mineral water, beverage bottles, light cartons and so on. Bagged products are commonly used to grab, drum products are commonly used to clamp.

In addition to matching gripper, robot palletizer also needs to match base, safety fence and grab line in practical work. These are necessary supporting equipment for robot palletizing. If it is a production line with a higher degree of automation, it also needs to match automatic stack system and pallet conveying system.

In addition to the robot supporting facilities described above, the choice of robot palletizer itself is also very important. The main factors that need to be considered generally include arm span, load, shaft number and work efficiency. Each robot palletizing production line is the need to plan and design, according to different material characteristics and efficiency, choose different palletizing robot models and palletizing methods.