Economic Type Flexible Roller Conveyor

Motorized Curved Expandable Stretchable Flexible Carrier Roller Conveyor for Industry warehouse

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One unit Gravity Flexible Expandable Plastic Skate Wheel Roller Conveyor

Gravity flexible expandable skate wheels conveyor is designed for handling of small-and medium-sized cartons/boxes. It use steel structure completely. The structure remains integrated when laying out according to complete expansion of single curve or composite curve remains integrated.

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Motorless Roller Conveyor

Motorless roller conveyor is a conveyor that relies on manual push, or is conveyed by gravity when there is a certain inclination angle.

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Chain plate conveyor

Chain plate conveyor is a conveyor which takes the standard chain plate as the bearing surface and is driven by the gear motor to convey the products.The chain plate conveyor is divided into two types: plastic chain plate and metal chain plate.

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