Standard type auto wrapping machine T1650F

Product introduction: The model of the T1650F automatic pallet wrapping machine is named after the diameter of the turntable, and the diameter of the turntable generally determines the max size of product that can be wrapped. This standard pallet wrapping machine can wrap L1.2*W1.2m pallet. The machine adopts a pre-stretched film carriage, which greatly saves the cost of consumable material.

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M type pallet wrapping machine T1650FM

The M-type pallet wrapping machine has its own special application. It is mainly suitable for loading and unloading goods with a manual forklift. The pins of the manual forklift can be directly pushed into the M-type hole of the wrapping machine.

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Automatic pallet wrapping machine T1650FZ

The T1650FZ automatic pallet wrapping machine is a single-machine wrapping machine. The machine is operated by a remote control, which can realize automatic film loading, automatic wrapping, and automatic film breaking.

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Online pallet wrapping machine TP2000FZ

TP2000FZ online automatic wrapping machine is a wrapping machine used with automatic packing line. The machine is controlled by PLC, which can realize a complete set of packaging processes of automatic detection, automatic conveying.

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Fully automatic In cycle top sheet dispenser,Infeed Top Sheet Applicator

The top sheet dispenser completely covers the pallet with a layer of plastic, depending on the product's need.

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