Automatic Servo Case Packer

1. This equipment can be applied to all bottle types; ⒉ Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation and PLC control technology, easy operate, compact and reasonable structure, high degree of automation; 3.Coordinated action, stable and accurate movement, high grasping precision; 4. Equipped with a variety of protection functions, timely shutdown in case of failure; 5. The operation is equipped with manual and automatic operation. Safe operation, small footprint and large operating space; 6. The equipment has no oil pollution,food hygiene standard, low noise. It is simple and convenient for daily maintenance.

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Delta robot case packer

1. Small footprint and low operating costs. ⒉The linear bearing slider type soft connection structure is adopted which ensure the lifting speed stable. 3. Different kinds of cartons can be installed by suitable gripper 4. High degree of automation, adjustable control, simple adjustment, intelligent operation. 5. Widely used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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Drop type case packer

1. The machine is controlled by PLC + touch screen. ⒉. Equipped with bottle shortage alarm stop, no bottle no packing safety device. 3. The operation interface is simple and convenient. 4. The single-row square bottle is accurately divided into multiple rows by the servo lane divider. 5. Suitable for packing all kinds of PET, PP and other plastic bottles.

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Drop type wrap around case packer

1. It adopts a drop structure and is specially designed for round bottles, which can realize half-carton or full-wrapped carton packaging; ⒉ Use hot melt adhesive sealing, with beautiful appearance and high-end atmosphere, which improves the outer packaging grade of the product; 3. The carton is easy to disassemble, and the surface is not easy to be damaged, which can be reused, which improves the reuse rate of the carton; 4. Commonly used in supporting equipment for production lines of beverages, dairy products, condiments, and daily chemical products Complete the post-production packing process.

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