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Solution for packing and palletizing crisper boxes

The project is mainly composed of 7 parts, such as crisper packing, film shrinking, automatic packing, automatic sealing, metal detection, automatic palletizing and automatic conveying. The whole line is unmanned operation, packaging capacity of more than 100,000 pieces per hour.

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PET strapping solution with well type

PET strap binding is mainly for wood, brick, metal and other heavy items, which can play a good binding and fixing effect. The line body is mainly composed of four systems, such as stack feeding system, tray conveying system, PET binding system and tray transplanting. Users can also connect the online winding and online covering film system to realize the 5-side packaging of articles, and the packaging effect is better.

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Polyurethane foam board packaging line

The line body mainly realizes finishing, counting, labeling, coding, flipping, stacking, conveying and strapping operations of polyurethane foam board. The whole line is controlled by PLC to realize unmanned operation. It can also be connected to online winding packaging and online covering film equipment to achieve all-round packaging of materials.

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Full automatic gantry type low palletizing machine

The gantry type low-level palletizer is suitable for stacking various types of packages such as cartons, plastic boxes, film packs and barrels. The stacking separator device is designed to increase the stability of the stacking layer, and various working forms are designed for different stacking requirements.

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Pallet Packaging Line

At present, the packaging methods of pallets are still very diverse. They can be directly bundled with packing tapes, or only wrapped with film, or both packaged and wrapped. There are also many ways of packaging, including vertical packaging and horizontal packaging. Vertical packing can be done in parallel or crosswise; when horizontal packing, corner guards can be placed, or no corner guards can be placed. When wrapping the film, it can either cover the top film or not, and so on.

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