High level palletizer

The packaged products are transported by the climbing belt conveyor to the square roller leveler for finishing before palletizing. The finished products pass through the clamping and steering device before the palletizer, and then enter the palletizing system, and proceed according to the requirements of the palletizing type.

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Single Column Palletizer YPK-JMD20

The single-column palletizing robot is mainly used for whole-layer palletizing at the back end of production lines in beer, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries. It has 3 degrees of freedom, namely vertical movement, horizontal movement and vertical rotation.

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Gantry type low-level palletizer

The gantry type low-level palletizer is suitable for stacking various types of packages such as cartons, plastic boxes, film packs and barrels. The stacking separator device is designed to increase the stability of the stacking layer, and various working forms are designed for different stacking requirements.

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Robot palletizer YPK-RZX

Palletizing robots are mainly used in the palletizing and handling of cartons, plastic boxes, bags and other materials, and are widely used in the production of beverages, bottled water, flour, and fertilizers.

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