It is important to confirm the forward and reverse directions before purchasing the box opener

24 Aug.2023

Compared with the purchased manufacturers must not be unfamiliar with what kind of equipment this is, which plays a very important role in the packaging of enterprise products. In fact, this equipment is also called carton automatic forming bottom sealing machine, the working step is to open the carton board, the bottom of the box is converted according to a certain procedure, and then sealed with tape to the special equipment of the packing machine. Automatic carton unpacking machine is a large number of automatic carton unpacking, automatic folding of the cover, automatic sealing of the bottom tape line equipment, can complete the carton suction, unpacking, molding, folding, bottom cover and other packaging processes, greatly convenient operation, is an essential equipment for automatic large-scale production. To understand the fully automatic unpacking machine, it is necessary to say that a lot of manufacturers always talk about a problem when purchasing equipment, which is about the forward unpacking and reverse unpacking of the automatic unpacking machine. Many customers do not understand, do not understand what is, is not a principle to open the box, how can it be divided into positive and reverse. First of all, we should be clear that the unpacking machine is divided into positive and reverse, then, what is the forward unpacking machine, what is the unpacking machine anyway? In general, we distinguish the forward and anyway according to the slot and outlet position of the unpacking machine, when the outlet position of the unpacking machine is on the left side of the slot, we call it the forward unpacking machine, and conversely, the outlet position is on the right side of the slot, we call it the reverse unpacking machine. But why make that distinction?

The key is to facilitate the use of customers, many customers have limited space, automatic unpacking machine can only be placed on the right, then this time you need to be forward unpacking machine, the exit position is to the left, so it will be very convenient to use; And sometimes, the customer unpacking machine can only be placed on the left, so if the forward unpacking machine is used, then it is bound to turn the unpacking machine 180 degrees, the trough and the operation interface will also turn to the back, which is very inconvenient, at this time, we change to the reverse unpacking machine, then it will be much more convenient to use. Having said so much, I believe that everyone must understand, so before purchasing equipment, it is necessary to do a plan drawing combined with the site.

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