Fully automatic High-speed rotary ring pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines

rotary ring pallet Stretch Wrapping MachinesStretch Wrapping Machines

Fully automatic High-speed rotary ring pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine is a kin of high-speed rotary arm wrapping machine. The circular cantilever design reduces the centrifugal force after high-speed operation and makes the operation more stable. This high-speed vertical ring winding machine is suitable for supporting assembly lines, which are relatively inconvenient to move goods and use in production lines that require very high packaging efficiency. The main electrical components are controlled by SEW servo motor and Siemens PLC, and the intelligent touch screen setting port makes the operation easier. Multiple protective safety devices and intelligent alarm system escort safe production. The top pressing function can be added to be compatible with the packaging needs of various industries.

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Arm rotating pallet wrapping machine LR1800F

There are two models of LR1800F arm rotating pallet wrapping machine, one is a single version and the other is used with conveyors.

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