Shrink tunnel BSD4525A

Shrink Tunnel BSD4525A shrink tunnel is an economical shrink tunnel specially designed for POF\PVC film.

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Shrink tunnel BSE6040A

BSE6040A is a heat shrink tunnel for PE film.

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High performance heat shrink tunnel SM5030LX/5030LH

SM-5030LX high-performance shrink tunnel is a high-speed hot air circulation shrink tunnel.

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Label Shrink tunnel SM-1230

SM-1230 label shrink tunnel is a shrink machine specially designed for various types of bottle, cup, can, barrel, etc.

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Hanging Label Heat Shrink tunnel SM-1230X

SM-1230X hanging label shrinking machine is a shrinking machine extended on the basis of ordinary label shrinking machine. Glass bottles, plastic bottles, paper cups and other containers for beverages, medicines, cosmetics, pesticides and other industries.

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Bottle Mouth Label Shrink Tunnel SM1540

SM-1540 bottle label mouth shrinking machine is a packaging machine that only heats and shrinks the bottle mouth.

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