Vertical Type Fully Automatic Coil Wrapping Machine

YP200F coil wrapping machine(small goods wrapper,ring wrapping machine,machine,ring wrapper,small goods wrapping machine,wrap)is a machine designed for packing bearing,metal band,Copper ring and similar materials manufactured in ring with strech film,wrapping paper.Packing surface is tidiness and beauty.It is completely moisture and dust proof packing and protects the products.

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Fully Automatic Horizontal Ring Type Stretch Wrapping Machine

Horizontal ring type wrapping machine is suitable for packaging all kinds of slender objects. It is widely used in plastics, pipes, aluminum coils, steel coils, and plastic pipe industries. The principle is that the packaging material rotates around the rotating goods through the vertical slewing system, and at the same time, the tension of the packaging material is adjusted by the stretching mechanism to pack the object into a tight whole, and form a spiral regular packaging on the surface of the object, which is beautiful and generous.

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