Economic side sealing shrink wrapping machine FL5545TBC+SM5030

It is a fully automatic and unmanned economical side sealing and shrinking machine. It is widely used in the assembly line of mass production and packaging. It can realize feeding, conveying, bagging, sealing and shrinking at one time. Suitable for all kinds of CD/DVD, cosmetics, electronic products, printing color boxes, greeting cards, photo albums, photo frames, picture frames, aluminum profiles, wood products and other products in single packaging or combined packaging, high work efficiency, suitable for different heights and widths product.

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High-speed edge sealing shrink wrapping machine FL5545TBH+SM5030LX

FL5545TBH high-speed side-sealing shrink wrapping machine can be used for fully automatic online shrink packaging of products. It adopts photoelectricity to automatically detect products. It can choose two modes of automatic feeding or manual feeding. It adopts half-folded film and seals it on three sides. .

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