Automatic bottle stack sleeve type (without bottom support) shrink wrapping machine ST6040A+BSE6040A

The automatic bottle stack sleeve shrink wrapping machine is an automatic device specially designed for automatic bottle stack, film feeding, sealing and cutting, shrinking, cooling and shaping. The bottle sorting method can be designed and applied according to the product arrangement, and can be fully automated without manual operation.

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Fully automatic straight forward sleeve shrink wrapping machine ST-6040Z+BSE6040A

The straight-forward sleeve shrinking machine adopts the direct feeding method, and there is no length limit for the packaged items. It is mainly suitable for long-length objects or beverages, beer, mineral water, cans, glass bottles, etc. with paper trays, almost single shrink packaging for delivery in cartons.

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Semi-automatic sleeve shrink wrapping machine ST6040Q+BSE6040A

The semi-automatic sleeve shrink wrapping machine is a device for packaging products with PE film cuffs. The machine automatically seals, cuts, makes and lends the product, and then automatically pushes it into the shrinking machine. The product can be packaged in a single package or multiple pieces, and then equipped with a BSE6040A shrinking machine. use.

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