What are the application limitations of the rollover side push case packer

09 Jun.2023

1. Slow efficiency. From the efficiency point of view, it is lower than other packaging equipment, the main work is the material part of the longer time, even if the process of material management can keep up, then the carton flipping and then turning back time, it is also longer than other packaging equipment.

2, soft distributed items are not applicable. The flip side push case packer is mainly applicable to regular products, such as boxes, rice bricks and other shaped items, while some soft and fluffy products are not applicable, such as paper and cloth products.

3. Other cases are not applicable to flip case packer.

In fact, the flip side push case packer is a relatively rare device in the field of packing, mainly due to its efficiency and limitations, but it is widely used for some special products of customized case packer. If you have the needs of case packer, you can contact Qingdao Aisun Packaging at any time, we will recommend the most suitable packing equipment for you.