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31 Mar.2024

why you need chose auto random carton sealer

In many cases we will encounter only one sealing machine but there are many different sizes of boxes, this situation if you go to the manual commissioning will waste a lot of time, but if you go to buy more common sealing machine is not very suitable. For one thing, this will surely bring more cost!

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14 Dec.2023

Three major market advantages of tape carton sealer

Tape carton sealer, also known as carton sealing machine or carton sealing machine, refers to automated packaging equipment that uses tape to seal the upper cover and lower bottom of cartons. It is a widely used sealing product on the market. The reason why tape carton sealer is so popular It is loved by the majority of users mainly because of the following three major market advantages:

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14 Dec.2023

Precautions for replacing the cutter of the carton sealer

The carton sealing machine cutter is also called a blade. It is a vulnerable accessory on the carton sealing machine. It will need to be replaced after a long time of use. However, the blade is relatively sharp, so be very careful when replacing it. Today Axiomtek will share with you about carton sealing. Precautions when replacing blades.

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13 Oct.2023

The maintenance methods of the automatic folding and sealing machine, shared by the professional manufacturer.

There are many sealing machine manufacturers, that we buy the sealing machine to use. For Yupack product packaging work greatly improve the efficiency, in this advantage users will pay attention to maintenance matters. Automatic folding and sealing machine is one of many sealing machines, which can automatically fold and glue, and is an indispensable equipment in daily automatic packaging production.

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15 Sep.2023

How to adjust the height of the fully automatic folding and sealing machine

The most common sealing equipment in our carton packaging production line is the folding carton sealing machine. Of course, the advantage of using the carton sealing machine is that in addition to saving labor, the most important thing is that the specifications of the sealed tape are all Uniform, the side stickers are all the same size.

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25 Aug.2023

What should I do if the automatic sealing machine is blocked?

Automatic sealing machine has been widely used. However, this product is also very strict when used. In particular, the feed port must not be blocked, so what should the automatic sealing machine be blocked? This is a question that many people want to know, so let's find out together.

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