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29 Apr.2024

Wonderful use of flexiable skate conveyor

Flexiable skate conveyor is a simple but effective device consisting of one or more wheels that propel the movement of an object through the movement of the wheels. Specifically, by controlling the wheels of an omni-directional wheel platform to rotate at different speeds, so that they acquire a velocity component in a certain direction, different movement effects can be achieved. Using this principle, with a retractable frame structure, you have the Foley wheel telescopic line. It can be used in which packaging production line.

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15 Apr.2024

The role of the control system in fully packaging machine programme

We usually see the automated packaging line is composed of multiple packaging machines with power conveyor combination, they can replace the artificial lasting stable packaging operations, and make the packaging out of the quality of the products are uniform, free of personnel management training and other factors, very good for the enterprise to reduce costs, this is the benefits of intelligent automation!

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23 Mar.2024

Wonderful use of electronic roller conveyors

About motorized roller conveyors have many kinds: power roller line, power chain line, transfer machine, elevator and so on. There is also a motorized pulley that I want to talk about today. It is a new type of driving device that puts the motor and reducer together inside the drum body. It is mainly used in fixed and mobile power conveyor, replacing the traditional motor, reducer in the drive drum outside the separation of the drive device.

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26 Jan.2024

The wonderful use of elevators in pallet packing line

In modern industry, the overall packaging of palletized goods is no longer limited to manual work. It can be completed sequentially using the composition of the pallet packaging assembly line, which greatly improves our work efficiency and saves a lot of manpower and material resources. Then the elevator seems to be far away from the packaging, but it is not.

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26 Jan.2024

3 steps for daily maintenance of roller conveyor

Roller conveyor, also known as roller line or roller conveyor, is one of the indispensable equipment for carton and pallet transportation. It is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, logistics, chemical and other industries. Because roller conveyor is relatively simple, it is difficult to use in the process of use. Its daily maintenance is often ignored by people. So what are the main tasks required for daily maintenance of roller conveyors? Yupack summarizes the following 3 points:

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03 Nov.2023

Why does the pallet conveyors have both a roller conveyor and chain conveyor?

Pallet conveyor is a typical subsequent packaging process after carton palletization. It usually includes vertical pallet strapping machine, horizontal strapping machine and an online wrapping machine or a top sheet dispenser machine that are matched with the pallet conveyor. There are many ways to combine according to different packaging needs.

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