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26 Jan.2024

How to choose the conveying method for online wrapping machine

The online wrapping machine, also known as the fully automatic wrapping machine or the automatic upper and lower film wrapping machine, refers to the automatic wrapping machine that realizes the 4-sided wrapping film packaging of items on the automatic packaging line. Users who are familiar with the wrapping machine know that the wrapping machine There are different surface conveying methods, which can be roughly divided into three types. The first is the most common roller conveying, the second is chain conveying, and the third is chain plate conveying. So how to choose between these 3 different transportation methods? Today Yupack will share with you in detail.

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26 Jan.2024

What are the advantages of using a power silo in Carton erector?

We often mention that in the automatic packaging line of cartons, the first equipment is the carton erector. It pulls flat cartons apart and shapes them into cubes, and then they can be packed at the next station, so many people also call the carton erector an unpacking machine.

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31 Oct.2023

Advantages of horizontal high-speed carton erector

The horizontal high-speed carton erector has fast speed and high molding rate. This machine is roughly divided into ordinary type and servo type according to different motor driving methods. However, no matter which carton erector is compared to the vertical carton erector, it is very If there are advantages, Yupack will share with you the advantages of horizontal high-speed carton erector:

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23 Oct.2023

Advantages of the horizontal high-speed carton erector

​Horizontal high speed case opener is the fast speed and high molding rate equipment in carton erector.

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15 Sep.2023

What are the sealing methods of the carton erector

Carton erector is our first automatic packaging machine in the carton automatic packaging production line, and many customers call it carton forming machine. It is the first step to stretch the carton open and seal the bottom so that the carton becomes a cube, and the top is opened to fit the product.

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24 Aug.2023

It is important to confirm the forward and reverse directions before purchasing the box opener

The key is to facilitate the use of customers, many customers have limited space, automatic unpacking machine can only be placed on the right, then this time you need to be forward unpacking machine, the exit position is to the left, so it will be very convenient to use; And sometimes, the customer unpacking machine can only be placed on the left, so if the forward unpacking machine is used, then it is bound to turn the unpacking machine 180 degrees, the trough and the operation interface will also turn to the back, which is very inconvenient, at this time, we change to the reverse unpacking machine, then it will be much more convenient to use. Having said so much, I believe that everyone must understand, so before purchasing equipment, it is necessary to do a plan drawing combined with the site.

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