Carton motorized roller conveyor


Product Description

Carton motorized roller conveyor:

One. main mechanical structure and features:

Roller: 50*1.5mm double chain roller, maintenance-free deep groove ball bearing at both ends, barrel material is galvanized carbon steel.

Frame: laser cutting blanking/drilling with 3mm steel plate, CNC cold rolling forming, size: 145*40*16mm; The section size is shown as follows:

Supporting leg: it adopts customized profile welding type, which has the advantages of firmness and good stability. Connect the frame with the connecting plate with bolts, adjust the connection between the foot base and the ground, and adjust the height of the conveying surface 50mm, as shown in the following figure:

Drive device: motor drive.

Surface coating: steel wire brush and sandpaper are used to remove rust on the frame, support legs, guide parts, accessories and other parts, and the grease is removed by acid washing. After phosphating, the surface is sprayed with epoxy powder and baked. Spraying color shall be specified by party a's color card.

Purchased parts configuration: motor by SEW, chain by hangzhou donghua.

Product Description

Two. Main performance and parameters:


Unpowered roller/phi 50 x 1.5 mm

Drum body Q235/201/304

Roller spacing 75/100/120/160mm

Frame aluminum alloy 120 40mm





Height  (mm)


Transportation capacity (Kg/m)

Max ≤150

Roller mounting

Hex shaft

Roller spacing T (mm)

T≤1/3L(L is the conveying length)