Carton push block lift transfer unit


Product Description

Carton push block lift transfer unit:

Block transfer machine used to roller machine of bag change 90 ° direction transfer equipment. When the goods are transported to the loader, the sensor detects that the goods are in place, the loader pushes the block to move, and pushes the goods to the adjacent conveyor. After the goods are sent out, the loader pushes the block to stop running.

One. main mechanical structure and features:

Push block mechanism: nylon push block installed on the chain is used as shifting transmission. The driving force is driven by a small internal motor.

Load shifting location detection: diffuse reflection photoelectric switch is used for location detection of nylon push block.

Surface coating: steel wire brush and sandpaper are used to remove rust, acid wash to remove grease. After phosphating, the surface is sprayed with epoxy powder and baked. The thickness of resin is between 60 m and 90 m. Spraying color shall be specified by party a's color card.