Carton pneumatic lift wheel diverter


Product Description

Carton pneumatic lift wheel diverter  :

The shunt is a kind of lifting shunt device with a set of inclined Angle roller as the shunt power. It has two sets of independent drives. One power realizes the lifting movement through the transmission CAM mechanism, and the other power drives the rotation of each roller through the circular belt drive. Skew roller wheel divider can be used for bypass and confluence, generally with the roller machine, as an independent confluence unit with roller machine main line connection, its export shunt connected skew roller machine, the roller shunt Angle generally is 30 °. Its normal state is in low position. When the goods are delivered to the divider, the sensor detects that the goods are in place. The divider rises above the main conveyor and transfers the goods to the adjacent conveyor. This model is suitable for the transportation of luggage and bags. There are two kinds of lifting methods: pneumatic and electric. This project adopts pneumatic lifting method.

One. main mechanical structure and features:

Jacking mechanism:

Pneumatic jacking, driven by the cylinder arm swing, fast and stable lifting;

Electric jacking, driven by the motor CAM mechanism, with the rotation of the CAM and make the conveyor frame swing up and down.

Load shifting mechanism: the deceleration motor placed on the upper frame drives two driving rollers respectively through multi-wedge belt, and then drives the upper glue-wrapped driving wheel respectively through PU circular belt.

Lifting position detection: lifting position is detected by two proximity switches

Surface coating: the machine body, accessories and other parts are rusted by wire brush, sandpaper, etc.; the oil is removed by pickling; the surface is sprayed with epoxy powder after phosphating and then baked. The exposed machined parts are galvanized or blackened, and fasteners are galvanized.

Product Description

Two. Main performance and parameters:


Pneumatic lift

One-way sort

Hard bottom carton and box




Roller pitch for wheel P (mm)


Inner width B (mm)

400 ≤ B ≤ 800

Min size of carton/box/container

Min  150×150 (L×W)

   Flat hard bottom

Line speed V (m/min)


Sorting capability

Max 1500 pc/hr

Motor power(Kw)


Unit carton weight (Kg)

Max 35