Carton narrow-belt sorter


Product Description

Carton narrow-belt sorter:

Narrow-band sorting machine adopts combined structure, which is mainly composed of driving section, middle section and tail section. Each part can form an independent assembly unit, and the middle section can be composed of several sections according to the requirement of conveying length.

The narrow belt sorter is mainly composed of two systems: narrow belt conveyor and jacking load shifting system. The conveyor is placed on the narrow belt and moves with the narrow belt. When it reaches the position to be sorted, the jacking load shifting machine works.

One. main mechanical structure and features:

Belt: the belt adopts PVC low friction belt with hot melt interface, with low noise; The middle idler adopts groove form, which is convenient for installation and disassembly of narrow band. The narrow belt is automatically tensioned by an independent cylinder, and the tensioning force is adjusted by a filter pressure-reducing valve. A one-way valve is installed on the tensioning cylinder, which has the pressure-maintaining capacity and can prevent the belt from relaxing after air break and running off after starting.

Body: hot rolled steel Q235/t4 is adopted for the frame, and ultra high molecular polyethylene (UHWMPE) is adopted for the belt tow.

Load-shifting device: rubber roller is adopted, pneumatic device is adopted for lifting, quick exhaust valve is adopted, high lifting efficiency is achieved.

Surface coating: steel wire brush and sandpaper are used to remove rust, acid wash to remove grease. After phosphating, the surface is sprayed with epoxy powder and baked. The thickness of resin is between 60 m and 90 m. Spraying color shall be specified by party a's color card.

Product Description

Two. Main performance and parameters:


The frame is formed by cold bending of 3mm steel plate

The narrow belt is tensioned automatically by an independent cylinder





Length (mm)

5000 ≤ B ≤ 20000

Height  (mm)


Inner width B (mm)

400 ≤ B ≤ 800

Motor power (Kw)





Conveyor speed V (m/min)


Machine load (Kg)

Max ≤500