Pallet stocker/dispenser


Product Description

Pallet stocker/dispenser:

One. main structure and features:

Body: combined frame, mounted on the outside of the chain machine. The frame is installed with fork shifting device, and the outer side of the motor is sealed with metal mesh.

Drive chain: GB1243 standard precision roller chain.

Driving device: the driving device adopts chain and gear transmission. The motor and drive shaft are installed with adjusting devices to adjust the tension of the drive chain. The movable frame is suspended through the chain, and the guide device is two sets of bearings sliding up and down in the guide rail. Both sides of the mobile frame can be adjusted, so that the mobile frame in the same level of rise and fall, to ensure the smooth operation of the disassembly, code disk machine and disassembly, code disk location accurate and neat.

Accessory device: photoelectric support.

Surface coating: steel wire brush, sandpaper and other parts of the machine are removed rust, pickling to remove grease, phosphating surface electrostatic spraying epoxy resin powder and baking, resin thickness between 60 m-90 m.

Product Description

Two. Main performance and parameters:


Four column frame type

Chain conveyor inside

The height of hole of pallet h(min)=70mm




The length of inside chain conveyor L  (mm)

L=Pallet length + 300

The height of inside chain conveyor  H  (mm)

H(min) 500

The min. width of pallet W (mm)

W(min) 800

Motor power P (kw)



Lift speed V (m/min)


Dispenser time (sec/pallet)

15 s at 12m/min chain conveyor speed and 1200mm length pallet

Unit payload (Kg)

Max 300Kg

Pallet qty in one stock (个)

≤15 pcs