How to chose the stretch film for YUPACK pallet wrapper

16 Apr.2024

Stretch film is the film used in pallet wrapper. This plastic film, with unique stretching and adhesive properties, can be very good for packaging items. However, for the first time contact with the winding film, how to identify its advantages and disadvantages, and buy the right product is a difficult problem. Today, YUPACK will share with you some tips on how to choose and buy stretch film.

Most of the stretch films in the market are made of PE material, which relies on glue in order to adhere, while 

YUPACK's stretch film is made of brand new LLDPE material, which has electrostatic self-adhesive property with just 

one pull. It is ultra-thin, strong, transparent and at the same time has excellent adhesive properties, both 

single-sided and double-sided, to meet your different needs.

of course, all this jargon may confuse you. Don't worry, we can also compare them from other angles. 

For example, thickness, width and ductility. The thickness of the film is usually measured in filaments, 

and you may think that for the same price, the thicker the better. But YUPACK would like to remind you that 

our film is priced by kilo, so for the same price, the thicker the film, the shorter the metre may be!

After these comparisons, I believe you have been able to buy the right stretch film  for yourself. 

For more information about the supporting products of winding machine, please call YUPACK's sales 

department. YUPACK is willing to provide the best protection for each of your goods.