Single column joint palletizer YPK-JDB20

The single-column joint palletizer is an upgraded version of the single-column palletizer . On the basis of the original 3-direction movement, a folding arm is added to provide 4 degrees of freedom for flexible operation. It can be equipped with end clamps according to on-site needs to transport and palletize finished products of various shapes such as cartons, bags, barrels, fillings, and bottles. The stack shape can be edited using a handheld teaching pendant, which is simple and convenient to operate. Widely used in feed, fertilizer, grain and oil, chemical, beverage, food and other production enterprises.


Product Description

Product Description

・Full servo control, fast running speed, accurate positioning
・The motion axis adopts RV reducer to improve repeated positioning accuracy
・The operating interface is a handheld teaching pendant, which is easy to adjust and simple to operate
・The guide rail parts are equipped with protective covers on the outside to prevent dust pollution

Product Description

Product Description

Technical indicators:

Machine model/Model


Power supply/Power supply

380V. 50HZ. 3P 5kw

Air source/Air pressure


Machine size/Machine size


Mechanical arm load/Mechanical arm burden


Pallet size/Pallet size


Palletizing speed/Packing speed


Palletizing height

1800mm (including pallet placed on the ground/from the ground)