Coordinate palletizer YPK-ZB16

The coordinate palletizer uses the XYZ rectangular coordinate system as the basic model through linear motion on the , synchronous belt and gear rack are commonly used transmission methods to construct a robot system. It can reach any point in the XYZ three-dimensional coordinate system and follow a controllable motion trajectory. It can repeatedly grab and carry product objects according to procedures to complete certain specific processes, and can operate at high speed in different environments. It is suitable for palletizing finished products in various packaging such as cartons, plastic boxes, film packaging, filling, and bagging. It is widely used in industry, agriculture, chemicals, building materials and other industries with stacking machines . The pallet conveyor line realizes low-cost Unmanned palletizing workshop.


Product Description

Product Description

・Automatic fault detection function, control panel indicates abnormal points, automatic alarm
・The machine has a compact structure and takes up little space
・High speed and stable, using imported servo positioning system, faster and more efficient
・Can preset multiple sets of palletizing programs for one machine for multiple purposes , quick and easy to adjust
. Can be used with assembly lines to achieve unmanned production.

Product Description

Product Description

Technical indicators:



power supply

380V 50Hz 3P


5.5 KW

Palletizing height


Palletizing efficiency

400 times/hour

production capacity


air pressure