Top-pressure pallet piercing and baling machine (mobile machine type) MH-105C

  MH-105C top-pressure pallet strapping machine is a pallet strapping machine with stronger compatibility and better tightening effect . This machine has two models, one is the basic model and the other is the removable machine. payment. Compared with the basic model, the mobile version of the machine has more powerful functions. It can achieve parallel multi-lane strapping without moving the goods. Especially when used with the electric turntable to achieve well-shaped strapping, it can be compatible with more pallet sizes and improve the strapping effect. It’s even more beautiful.


Product Description

Product Description


1. The top-pressure movement bundling position is more accurate

2. The top-pressing movement has stronger tightening force and better binding effect.

3. The machine is removable and the pallet has greater compatibility

4. Compatible with PP and PET tapes

5. Imported electrical appliances, stable performance

Product Description

Product Description


MH-105C machine mobile

Bundling force


Bundling speed

25 seconds/channel

Frame size

Customized according to customer pallet size

Applicable packing belt width


Packing strap material


power supply

380V. 50HZ 1.5kw

Machine size

custom made

Machine weight


Electrical configuration

Siemens "PLC" control, French "TE", Japanese "OMRON", "ZIK" electrical appliances, suitable for packaging of conventional objects