YUPACK biggest bulk purchase activity begin

15 Nov.2022

1.Expiration Date: 11.Nov.2022---31.Dec.2022
2.Bulk pruchase :YUPACK standard pallet wrapping machine T1650F >10 sets (US$1800/set )
                         YUPACK standard carton erecotr YPK-4012>5 sets  (US$3500/set)
                         YUPACK standard case sealer FXJ-AT5050>5 sets  (US$1100/set)
3.Pls arrange the 30% deposit by TT ASAP and we will do in the way of bulk purchase by above discounted price.
4.The process and results will update daily on our website 

This activity is limited to 100 sets of standard pallet wrapping machine, divided into 10 groups, each group can get the discounted price as long as it reaches 10 sets.

You can buy one container(16sets), or bulk purchase with our other customers.

Pls contact us to get this exclusive offer now ,Good Luck !We are together !

(PS:If the bulk purchase is not successful,the doposit will be returned within one week after the end of the activity)


So far, 6 groups of customers have been successful in bulk purchase for pallet wrapping machine, only 40 sets remain.