Drop type packing line

23 Apr.2023

Drop type packing line is a relatively simple automatic packing machine, the machine is mainly composed of unpacking bottom cover, automatic conveying, counting, drop type packing, automatic sealing, weighing reinspection total six parts. Counting and weighing reinspection will be adjusted according to different products of customers.

Products to be packed will first be lifted through the belt line, when lifted to the required height of the packing, and then separated by the differential belt line, the purpose is to separate the distance between each product, easy to count statistics. After the counting is completed, the carton conveying line will start and send the carton to the reinspection station. After the reinspection has no problem, the carton will be sent to the folding cover and sealing station to complete the whole packing work. The carton conveying line will transport the finished carton out at the same time will also transport the next carton to be loaded to the designated station, so the operation of the whole line body is coherent and seamless.