Advantages of bag inserting machine

25 Jun.2023

Bag inserting machine, also known as carton bagging machine, is one of the very popular automated packaging equipment on the market, the machine is mainly for all kinds of cartons, baskets, barrels and other materials for bagging, the past bagging carton products, mostly by manual operation, not only the bagging effect is not good, and the speed is too slow, the emergence of the bagging machine to solve this problem in one fell swoop, and the emergence of the The emergence of bagging machine has solved this problem in one fell swoop, and the emergence of the bagging machine and degassing sealing machine is to raise the degree of automation to a higher level. Here YUPACK share with you the advantages of bag inserting machine.

1, compared with manual bagging, high degree of automation, faster efficiency. Before the bag inserting machine, users use more is the manual bagging, and compared to manual bagging, bag inserting machine higher degree of automation, faster efficiency, can be used in a wide range of automated production line, reduce labor costs.

2, bagging quality control, high pass rate. The advantage of automated equipment compared to human is the quality control, high qualification rate, especially for this kind of soft bag products, manual processing of the crease is to use the hand to smooth, the effect is not good and slow efficiency, and the bag inserting machine only uses a blowing structure to completely solve the problem.

3, can be equipped with automatic bag lifting machine, automatic degassing sealing machine to achieve full unmanned operation. The process after bagging is naturally bag lifting, leveling or degassing sealing and leveling again, no matter which process, at present, it is possible to achieve automation and can completely replace manual labor.

      Things are in constant motion and development, so is the automated packaging equipment, there is a market for production, bag inserting machine is the best example, and YUPACK believes that in the future, with the development of science and technology, automation equipment will become more and more automated, the goal of achieving unmanned is just around the corner!