Representatives of alumni entrepreneurs from Northwestern Polytechnical University visited our company.

28 Jul.2023

Representatives of Qingdao alumni entrepreneurs of Northwestern Polytechnical University (NWPU), a group of 10 people came to visit our company, and the leaders of our company introduced the main business of the company and the development situation in the past three years to the entrepreneurial representatives. Mr. Liang, alumnus of NWIT and general manager of Wuling Group Shandong Company, gave a high appraisal to the development of the company and proposed that auto parts manufacturers are also facing the demand for automation transformation and upgrading, and there should be a lot of market space in the future. Mr. Hu, president of Qingdao Wonderful Investment Group, suggested that the development of enterprises should consider relying on the power of capital early to quickly seize the market and occupy the high ground in industrial segments.