YS-LX305 Automatic High Speed strapping machine (Pressure type)


Product Description

Performance characteristics:

1.Servo motor drive, man-machine interface operation, customers can choose any single channel, double channel, three packaging operations.

2.Fast packing speed, up to 26 bags (single track) or 16 bags (double track) /min, depending on the size of the product.

3.The tightening force can be adjusted, the adjustment range is 8-60kg.

4. Good mute effect during work.

5.Automatic tape feeding reset, when the baler falls off the tape, just press the tape feeding button, and the machine can automatically feed the tape without manual re-threading.

5.Table height adjustable, adjustable range 754-1200mm.

6.The operation of this baler is convenient, simple and humanized.

Product Description

Technical parameters:
Strapping force8-60kg
Strapping speed26strao/minute
Dimensions of frameW1250*H500mm(support customized)
Table height754-1200mm(adjust)
Cylinder strokeCustomized
Strap width5、6、9mm(choose one)
Strapping modeHot melt
Voltage220V  50HZ
Machine size(L) 2290mm x (W) 725mm x (H) 1450 mm
Machine weight480kg