How to adjust the height of the fully automatic folding and sealing machine

15 Sep.2023

The most common sealing equipment in our carton packaging production line is the folding carton sealing machine. Of course, the advantage of using the carton sealing machine is that in addition to saving labor, the most important thing is that the specifications of the sealed tape are all Uniform, the side stickers are all the same size. This carton sealing machine can not only be used as a stand-alone machine, but can also be extended to many matching methods. For example, the all-in-one sealing and packaging machine is also very popular when matched with a baler.

       So whether it is used as a stand-alone machine or with matching wiring, the range of use of the folding carton sealing machine is adjustable. How should it be used specifically? First of all, adjustment refers to the applicable carton height and width. There is a side rocker handle on one side of the machine frame. Turn it and you can see that the belt conveyors on the left and right sides will move in and out. This is used to adjust the carton width; the other There is also a hand crank on the top of the frame, which is used to adjust the upward and downward movement range of the upper movement to suit the height of the carton.

       In addition, you may encounter a situation where the product is slightly higher than the upper cover of the carton. At this time, you can slightly adjust the upper movement, but you must ensure that the front and rear capping mechanisms can fold the cover. It is generally feasible in an all-in-one sealing and packaging machine. If the product is much higher, it does not fall within the usage specifications of the folding carton sealing machine, so everyone should pay attention.