What kinds of boxes can fold boxes forming

06 Jun.2023

In the packaging work, in addition to the cartons we usually see, there are some boxes that can also be completed by intelligent mechanical equipment, such as our automatic box folding machine. The automatic box folding machine uses pneumatic control to automatically fold a piece of cardboard into a box through the mold, which can automatically lock the cardboard on both sides of the hinge, so that the cardboard molding does not need tape or hot melt glue. The servo control operation is simple and easy to adjust, the silo variable frequency speed speed feeding is timely, and the 15L cylinder comes with stable operation.

Then this folding box machine can form which types of boxes, the first is the aircraft box, the aircraft box is our most common box, more used in the boutique electronic digital industry. Usually an automatic folding box for the size of the 150-300mm carton folding process, if more than you can consult our Qingdao Aisun sales staff, consider non-standard customization. The second is the world cover carton, as the name suggests, there is an upper cover is completely set on the bottom carton of a carton, this is also our common style. The third is the self-locking bottom carton, the automatic folding machine can also automatically form this carton, and the shaped carton has a beautiful appearance and good integrity. Finally, there is another kind of need to spray glue carton, on the basis of the above three kinds of added glue machine, in the box molding process to do spray glue bonding treatment, stroke a firm carton.