Precautions for use of side strapping machine

06 Jun.2023

Side strapping machine is a kind of automatic strapping equipment which is widely used in baling machine. Compared with other strapping machines, the biggest feature of this equipment is that the movement is located on the side of the item and the binding point is also on the side, which is its advantage and disadvantage. Today, Ausense will share with you the precautions for the use of side baling machine, hoping to be helpful for your future use.

1, the packaging needs to be close to the movement. As is known to all, the packing material will be packed tightly by the position of the tight movement, and the side baling machine movement in the side, under natural circumstances, the items and the baling machine movement is a certain distance, there is a distance will not be tight, so the items must be close to the movement when the material is received, not in the center of the transmission line.

2. The frame of the side bale baler should not be too big. The bonding point of other types of balers is at the bottom, and the packing belt falls naturally by gravity even if there is no tension force, while the movement of the side baling machine is on the side. If there is no tension force of the baling machine, the packing belt will sag and cannot be well strapped, which requires that the frame of the baling machine should not be too big, and it should be consistent with the size and size of the articles. Too large and the tightening time is longer, which is not good for strapping equipment.

3. Use PET belts less. Although the side baling machine can be used for PP belt movement or PET belt movement, for the side baling machine, Aisun recommends the use of PP belt. The PET belt itself is hard and requires stronger binding force, but for the side baling machine, its movement uses PET belt, and the effect is not particularly good (except the pallet sword baling machine, which has different movement principle).

The side baling machines mentioned above are all for cartons. The common models are MH-103A or MH-103B, which are not suitable for pallet strapping machines such as pallet sword baling machines. If you have any other questions about baling machines, please leave message for us.