Precautions for bundling small items with fully automatic bundling machine

08 Jun.2023

The unmanned packaging machine, also known as a fully automatic packaging machine, refers to the packaging machine itself that does not require manual operation and can achieve automatic detection, bundling, and transportation. This model is generally used for packaging on automatic assembly lines, mostly for bundling cardboard boxes. However, this does not mean that this packaging machine can only be used for bundling cardboard boxes. Other items can be bundled as long as they are within the packaging size range. Today, Aixun will share with you the precautions for bundling small items using an unmanned packaging machine.

1. The size of the item cannot be smaller than the size of the upper skateboard. The maximum size that a packaging machine can tie is determined by the frame size, but the minimum size that can be tied is determined by the upper slide of the packaging machine. In theory, if the size of the item is smaller than the size of the upper slide, it cannot be tied. Only when it is equal to or greater than can it be tied.

2. The binding effect of items with low elasticity is not good. This situation mainly occurs when the size of the item is almost equal to the size of the upper sliding plate. If the elasticity of the item itself is relatively small, such as wood, the binding effect must not be as good as that of the foam plate of the same size.

3. Limitations on the length of items. Ordinary packaging only requires width when bundling items, but unmanned packaging machines involve transportation issues, so they also have limitations on the length of items. When the size of the item is less than 300mm, automatic bundling cannot be achieved.

The above is the precautions for strapping small items with unmanned packaging machines summarized by Aixun in the past work process. If you have any special product strapping needs, you can call Qingdao Aixun Packaging.