How to adjust the stroke of the cylinder of the pressure packaging machine

08 Jun.2023

When it comes to pressure packaging machines, customers often confuse them with compression packaging machines. The so-called compression packaging machine is the process of reducing the overall volume of a pile of fluffy items through external force, such as compressing garbage blocks or straw. But the pressure packaging machine only compresses the height of the item from the top, and the width and length are not compressed. So today, the focus of Aixun's introduction is how to adjust the cylinder stroke of the pressure packaging machine.

The adjustment of cylinder stroke should start from the structure of the cylinder, which is composed of the cylinder, optical axis, electromagnetic valve, and limit switch. The stroke of the cylinder is basically completed by the collaboration of these components. The optical axis is fixed outside the cylinder, and the limit switch is fixed on the optical axis. When the customer needs to adjust the stroke of the cylinder, the corresponding limit switch position is adjusted. When the cylinder runs to the corresponding limit switch position, it will stop, and this position is the cylinder stroke position set by the user.

The above is the adjustment process of the cylinder stroke of the pressure packaging machine. This process is only applicable to the pressure packaging machine, as both fully automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines do not have cylinders, so there is no need to adjust the cylinders.