What to pay attention to when using a packaging machine in summer

08 Jun.2023

Due to the extremely hot nature of summer, many equipment needs to be used with great attention to its safety, and packaging machines are no exception. Especially for enterprises that produce 24 hours a day, they should pay more attention to the precautions for equipment use. So what should be paid attention to when using packaging machines in summer? Aixun believes that at least the following three points should be noted:

1. Pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation. In working engineering, the packaging machine not only generates heat from the motor, but also from the hot head. Although there is a fan for heat dissipation next to the hot head, the function of this small fan is negligible due to the high temperature in summer.

2. Refuel the transmission components. Due to the humid summer, various components of the packaging machine are prone to rust, so refueling and maintenance work is very necessary.

3. Pay attention to the stability of the power supply. Due to the peak period of electricity consumption in summer, the stability of power supply is something that enterprises should pay special attention to. Unstable power supply can easily cause damage to electrical components, so users need to pay more attention to the stability of power supply.

The above Aixun focuses on sharing with you the precautions from the perspective of the packaging machine. In fact, the human factor during the use of the device cannot be ignored. Therefore, before using any device, personal safety is very important. We hope that users can take it seriously!