What is the possible cause of damage to the transformer of the unpacking machine?

08 Jun.2023

ransformers are electrical components that are commonly used in many mechanical equipment, and their lifespan is generally relatively long. However, it cannot be ruled out that sometimes they may malfunction. For professional electrical components like these, not everyone will be able to repair them. Today, Aixun will share with you two very simple ways to determine the cause and method of damage to the transformer of the unpacking machine. There are two main reasons for transformer burnout:

1. Unpacking machine power supply missing item. Power shortage is a term commonly used in circuit systems, which can cause the transformer to burn out. In this case, the burnt out transformer has a characteristic that the coils are spaced and turned black, and not all coils turn black. If this is the case, it is mostly due to missing items.

2. Burning caused by short circuit of the unpacking machine itself. If it is burnt out in this situation, the coils will all turn black. If the transformer coils all turn black, it is either a problem with the machine itself or the transformer itself, and it has nothing to do with the user's on-site power supply.

Is the method introduced above very simple? Ordinary people are also very easy to judge.