What to do if the film holder of the winding machine does not rise (1)

08 Jun.2023

The standard tray wrapping packaging machine is driven by a rotary table to rotate the goods, and the membrane frame continuously rises and falls to achieve wrapping packaging of the goods. However, during use, users find that the membrane frame may not rise. In fact, such problems can be eliminated by the motor and frequency converter. There are two main manifestations of this fault: ① automatic not rising, manual can rise. ② Automatic does not rise, and manual does not rise. Today, Aixun shares with you the solution for the first situation:1. The proximity switch at the bottom of the winding packaging machine turntable is damaged, and this sensor is a counting sensor. (See Figure 1) After the sensor is damaged, it cannot count the number of winding coils, so it cannot automatically rise. How to troubleshoot: Keep the turntable manually rotating and observe if there are any input points flashing with the turntable (the turntable turns on and off once). If there are no corresponding input points that light up and off, it can be determined that there is a problem with the counting sensor. (Due to different device models, the input points may vary, so make your own judgment or search for random drawings) Possible causes of damage: ① The sensor or baffle position is loose and cannot be detected. ② The sensor cable is damaged or has poor contact. ③ The corresponding contact of the winding machine PLC is damaged. ④ Other reasons