Advantages and Disadvantages of Large Frame Fully Automatic Packaging Machine

08 Jun.2023

Users who are familiar with the packaging machine know that the frame size of the packaging machine is already determined at the time of production and cannot be changed during subsequent use. However, many customers have varying sizes of packaging, ranging from large to small. At this point, customers may consider customizing a large frame, which can be used to package large or small items. In theory, doing so is not wrong, but there are certain drawbacks in the actual operation process. Below, Aixun will take the fully automatic packaging machine as an example to share with you the advantages and disadvantages of the large framework:

1. The cost and price of customizing a large framework are too high. If the user's large items are not particularly large and only need to be packaged occasionally, it is obvious that customizing a large framework to be placed there is very wasteful and the cost price will be high.

2. The packaging strap is prone to knots. When customizing a large frame packaging machine, it is necessary to customize a large storage box. If a large frame is used to package small items, the packaging belt will repeatedly enter the storage box from the frame, and then enter the frame from the storage box. This way, the packaging belt will become bent and not smooth, resulting in inadequate feeding.

3. Affects packaging efficiency. When packaging the same product, the unwinding speed of the large frame must be slower than that of the small frame, which is certain. Therefore, if users do not have particularly large items to bundle, try not to customize the large frame packaging machine.

In summary, whether a fully automatic packaging machine needs to customize a large frame depends on the size and compatibility of the product, and cannot be blindly enlarged, which will affect the later use. We suggest that you communicate more with the packaging machine supplier when ordering, as they will provide you with professional opinions and suggestions.