Super short carton sealing solution

09 Jun.2023

With the hot e-commerce in China, the demand for automated packaging is more and more, but also more and more high, the traditional sense of opening and sealing box equipment can no longer meet, and the ensuing small cartons, short carton automation solutions are imminent, the development to today, in fact, the market of e-commerce openers, e-commerce sealing machine has been very common, so how exactly do they solve the problem of automated packaging? Today Axiomtek will take the ultra-short carton for example, to share with you.

1、Make misaligned movement. This way is mainly for small cartons and the upper and lower need to seal the user at the same time, making a staggered movement can let a relatively short carton through, and can be sealed tape at the same time.

2、Make the drive belt narrow. This way is suitable for folding and sealing machine, because the belt of folding and sealing machine is generally 10CM width, but if the user has a relatively short carton need to fold and seal, Axiomtek can provide 7cm belt width to meet the user's needs.

3、Take off the lower movement and use roller instead. This way is mainly applicable to users who do not seal the box at the bottom. Generally, users have already sealed the box at the bottom when they open the box, so they do not need to seal the box again when they seal the box, then this situation only needs to remove the lower movement and replace it with a roller.

       At present, the custom ultra short carton sealing machine is basically from these 3 aspects, if you have other questions about the sealing machine, welcome to call Qingdao Axiomtek marketing center.