3 kinds of wearing parts of sealing machine

09 Jun.2023

     The use of any equipment is a wearing parts, sealing machine is no exception, but many users have a misunderstanding of wearing parts, they will think that the wearing parts are easy to damage, but in fact, it is not, the so-called wearing parts are easy to wear during use, and can not be repaired. The following YUPACK will introduce you to the 3 kinds of wearing parts of the sealing machine.

I. Conveyor belt

    The role of the conveyor belt is to pack the carton for transport. If the use of time for a long time, the belt above the grain will be worn flat, so that the effect of friction resistance can not be achieved, when the transmission may appear to put unstable conditions.  

Second, the sealing machine cutting knife

    The cutting knife of the sealing machine is also commonly known as the blade, mainly used to cut the tape, so in the process of long-term use may appear blade sticky foreign matter, cargo cutter wear, deformation, etc., when these conditions, the blade needs to be replaced.

 Third, the knife frame pull spring

    The role of the knife frame tension spring is to allow the knife can move back and forth, so as to complete the cutting work. Every time the cutter cuts, it means that the knife frame tension spring has to operate once. Therefore, the knife frame pulling spring is also a part of the sealing machine that is more prone to wear and tear.

      The above is the 3 kinds of wearing parts of sealing machine that YUPACK share with you, if you have other questions about sealing machine, welcome to call Qingdao YUPACK marketing center.