What is the reason for strapping machine always fails to cut the straps neatly

09 Jun.2023

Strapping machine 'sstraps feeding and cutting is every job needs to complete. so these positions are often problems, today for Strapping machine always cut the tape is not neatly Yupack will do the following share:

1, straps too thin too soft. straps do not blame the thin, so you can save costs, but if you do too soft will make the straps between the two knives can not come out or appear to cut the straps is not good situation. This is one of the reasons why there will be cut strap is not neat.

2, cutting knife wear serious, need to be replaced. Through the previous article we introduce the Strapping machine cutting principle we know that if the knife is seriously worn straps can not be cut off normally, in this case can be achieved by replacing the knife.

3, Strapping machine itself for some other reasons. straps cut is basically due to the above two reasons, but not absolutely, there may be some other uncommon causes, the user if they can not judge, you can consult the Strapping machine suppliers, they will provide you with more professional. If you can't tell, you can consult your Strapping machine supplier.

      Strapping machine is a very frequent use of automation equipment, failure is also normal, the user needs to hold a normal attitude towards the equipment failure, if indeed the production urgency can not be delayed, you can consider the usual preparation of some common parts or the choice of spare machine, so as to avoid the Strapping machine failure and affect production.