What is the reason for the frequent straps feeding of the strapping machine

09 Jun.2023

The strapping machine's strap feeding is actually divided into two steps, the first step is to store the belt. The first step is the storage of the straps. The so-called storage is the process of the strapping machine taking the straps off the belt tray and putting them in the storage box. The second step is to send the straps. It is the process of sending the straps inside the storage box to the belt slot. Many people can not distinguish between these two steps, in fact, the performance of frequent belt delivery is mostly the strapping machine has been the process of storing the belt, today Yupack will share with you the reasons: 

1, the storage box of the box door is not closed. Storage box in the location of the movement has a small door, is used to wear the straps, after the completion of the straps, the operator often forget to close this door, so the storage box has been unable to store the straps full, which causes the strapping machine has been sent to the straps can not stop.

2、Storage sensor failure. Storage box at the bottom of the location of a sensor, its role is to detect whether straps stored full, if this sensor failure, then strapping machine will also have been working non-stop.

3, strapping machine to send the tape is not in place. This kind of feeding is not in place means that the straps are not sent to the position of the movement, but washed out from the straps slot, this situation strapping machine will not stop working, will keep feeding the belt, can not stop.

     After reading the above introduction, do you already have a clear understanding of strapping machine frequent belt delivery? For more troubleshooting methods about strapping machine, welcome to continue to pay attention to Qingdao Yupack official website