Advantages of water circulating pump vacuum machine

09 Jun.2023

1, do not need to replace or clean the filter element. For users of packaging powder items, if the oil pump is used, the filter element of the vacuum pump needs to be cleaned and replaced frequently, but the use of the water circulation pump completely solves this problem, the user only needs to change the water regularly, and there is no problem with the filter element.

2, save consumables. During the use of the oil pump, just like the car, it needs to be refueled, so the vacuum pump oil is one of the consumables of the machine, but the water circulation pump does not exist this problem, the user still only needs to replace the water, there is no refueling.

3, can be made into automatic circulation system, easy to operate. Traditional oil pump users need to release the original vacuum pump oil, and then manually add a new vacuum pump oil. The user of the water circulation pump vacuum machine can be made into an automatic circulation system, one end is connected to the tap water, one end is connected to the floor drain, the user only needs to press the start valve, the machine can be automatically waterproof, automatic water storage, easy operation, high work efficiency.

The advantages of so many water circulation pumps are introduced above, does it mean that water circulation pumps can replace oil pumps? Some occasions that are not suitable for water circulation pumps still need oil pumps, such as dehydrated vegetable production workshops, such workshops for humidity requirements are extremely strict, so the water circulation pump vacuum machine is not applicable.