What determines the ultimate vacuum level of a vacuum machine?

09 Jun.2023

  Users who are familiar with vacuum packaging machines know that there is a particularly important parameter of vacuum packaging machines called: ultimate vacuum. This parameter determines the amount of air left inside the bag of your product after packing. For different manufacturers of pumps, the ultimate vacuum degree will be significantly different, the most common is the domestic pump 20pa, joint venture pump 50pa, imported pump 10pa.
     The answer is of course yes, but the key to the question is: or the brand of these pumps? And in the end, how is it achieved? This is indeed a very technical depth of the problem, 10pa is actually a dividing line, more than 10pa are the same type of vacuum pump, called rotary vane vacuum pump. The vacuum pump below 10pa is called worm gear vacuum pump. The difference of ultimate vacuum is mainly determined by these two different models.
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