Types of silicone strips for vacuum packaging machines

09 Jun.2023

 Users familiar with the vacuum packaging machine know that one of the perishable parts of the vacuum packaging machine is the silicone strip, but if you only say silicone strip is actually quite general, so many users will be confused, the following YUPACK and you introduce the types of vacuum packaging machine silicone strip.

1、Sealing silicone strip. The so-called sealing silicone strip is used in the bag sealing, used to pad up the bag and heating tape fully bonded. Generally the length of the silicone strip in this position is as long as the length of the sealing line of the machine, take YUPACK vacuum machine model as an example, if the machine model is DZ600/2S, then it means that the sealing line is 600mm long, then the length of the corresponding sealing silicone strip is also 600mm.

2、Sealing silicone strip. This silicone strip is used around the top cover of the vacuum machine, when the top cover is pressed down, it is used to seal the whole vacuum chamber, this silicone strip is generally a ring-shaped, the length is different according to each model. Some manufacturers also call this seal a sponge strip, mainly depending on the material. Silicone strips have a longer service life than sponge strips.

    On the vacuum packaging machine, the use of silicone strips are mainly these two parts, now you can not be very good to distinguish it? If you have other questions about vacuum packaging machine, welcome to call Qingdao YUPACK marketing center.