How to choose wrapping machine for circular goods

09 Jun.2023

Generally, we commonly wrap film packaging of pallet goods, but in the production of circular products, there are many packaging methods that need to wrap film. How to choose wrapping machine for this kind of goods? Radial wrapping machine can be used to wrap only the curved parts of cylindrical items. If both ends need packaging, cylinder wrapping machine can be adopted. There is also a kind of circular goods that are circular, and the typical one is tires. This kind of goods can be wrapped with ring wrapping machine. Ring wrapping machine is divided into vertical ring wrapping machine and horizontal ring wrapping machine according to different directions. The specific selection can be made according to the incoming method of goods and the site situation.

The above wrapping machine for circular goods can also be customized according to specific needs, and some auxiliary functions are added, such as weighing, automatic ejecting, automatic film breaking, and tape wrapping. For specific needs, you can call Qingdao Ausense for consultation.