Straps shopping for 3 don'ts

09 Jun.2023

  Selection of straps YUPACK repeatedly shared in the article, but there are still many users have misunderstandings, the products often can not be used in their own Srapping machine, today YUPACK and summarized the straps purchase 3 do not, I hope that your future use of help.

1, do not choose a low gram weight. The word "gram" is straps shopping to be very important, the so-called gram weight refers to the weight of a meter of straps, the general gram weight of pure material straps are in more than 4 grams. Remember not to choose the gram weight is too low, some manufacturers in order to improve competitiveness, the straps do longer, but the gram weight is only 3.3 grams.

2, do not only look at the price. If you only look at the price, you buy is definitely recycled straps, because recycled straps generally tens of dollars a roll, and pure material straps is generally more than 100 some.

3, do not only look at the length. This problem YUPACK in the first don't among the very clear introduction, the three to look at a combination, don't just look at one of them, one-sided choice will be half the effort.

      If you have other questions about Srapping machine and straps, welcome to call Qingdao YUPACK marketing center, we will be happy to serve you!